Guru Purnima : The Brightest Night of the Year

I had shared this post “Happy Guru Purnima” on the occasion of Guru Purnima in 2019. At that time point of time, I had planned a write-up for the next Guru Purnima 2020, covering some scientific reasoning behind celebrating Guru Purnima. But could not execute it. So, I had just shared a post. Recently, as I was researching for the write-up on Guru Purnima, I stumbled upon these wonderful gems by “The Sanskrit Channel.”

The Sanskrit Channel is created and run by this young Indian youth. So this fantastic “The Sanskrit Channel” is the perfect answer to all the skeptics who want to question everything. These incredible videos are profound yet lucid with thoroughly researched content. But most importantly, the passion and the pride with which the content creator presents them is just pure love. Love for our Scriptures, Heritage and Dharma. The Sanskrit Channel most definitely will be my “go-to” heaven for all queries.

Now, friends, you must be wondering. What relevance does this have for Guru Purnima? My happiness is not just sharing the video clip explaining the importance of Guru Purnima but seeing an Indian youth accomplish this work of divine reverence. May the supreme Bhagawan and all the Guru’s of this Bharatvarsha bless him (and the likes of him) with more strength and power to carry forward our Dharma. The real progress is when the youth takes pride in our country’s real history, bringing forth our Sanatana Dharma scientific basis.

It would be better to share the video, as I don’t think I can explain it so well. Do have a look at this video explaining the importance of Guru Purnima.👇

My salutations to all the Guru’s who have helped and blessed me with all their wisdom and kindness.

May all the Great Gurus of our magnificent land destroy the darkness within us and lead us towards the light.


Kalyani Sreedhar Kakade

Tithi Icon

14, Ashadha Shukla Paksha, Chaturdashi 1943 Plava, Shaka Samvata Singapore, Singapore 23 July 2021 Friday


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