Sunday Snapshot #2

Sunday Snapshots, Phone Photography, Nature Photography, Temghar Lavasa

The long winding roads adorned on either side with just sprouting greens.The semi-dried sandy banks, eagerly awaiting to soak up all the drizzles.The nimbus clouds hanging low, foretelling impending monsoon showers.The majestic mountains holding hands, to brave the mighty winds.The flames of the forest, swaying and flickering in all their glories. Hello dearies, sharing this … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #2


Korean Kimchi, Experimental Food,

When the over enthu hubby dear picks up three large cabbage heads (one of which is a Napa cabbage), you definitely can't call him a cabbage head. Instead, you flash a beautiful smile and head to the kitchen. Now don't ask how three heads got into the shopping cart. 😇 😌 So, we had a … Continue reading Kimchi

Sunday Snapshot #1

Taken at Pasir Ris Beach on a beautiful evening. Pasir Ris Beach has an adjoining Pasir Ris Park that is our own charming and chirping, tranquil and temperate go to heaven for us Pasir Risians. More of this beautiful Pasir Ris Park and Beach in a separate post. Let's first talk about the picture. So … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #1

Margashirsh Sankashta Chaturthi

Margashirsh Sankashta Chaturthi has always stirred emotional turmoil within me. Well, not always, but precisely for the past 10 years. Because, on this fateful day (according to Hindu Calendar), I lost my dear Myaga to the dreadful Lung Fibrosis. Myaga, this is how I called my mother. With varied tones depending upon my mood and … Continue reading Margashirsh Sankashta Chaturthi