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All the stories and anecdotes I am sharing under the category 'Special short stores' are not fictional or autobiographical. They are non-autobiographical as they are all not my experiences. Some might have a few threads of semblance here and there as all special children's parents face it throughout their lives. Thank God for some kind-hearted family and friends we have been blessed with. These are some of the stories I have heard from all the special needs children's moms over the years.


The Rao Family Zoom Huddle

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The family zoom meeting of siblings from across the globe was in full swing. They had decided to meet up to beat the blues of lockdown. So to accommodate everyone from different time zones, they chose to meet at 10 am (IST) Sunday. As such, the four Rao siblings maintained a comfortable diplomatic closeness and … Continue reading The Rao Family Zoom Huddle


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Mr. Gupta, along with his father, was busy gathering all the information about the global pandemic that created havoc across continents. They were glued to the TV to understand the governments' directives about the lockdown and preventive measures. With two elderly septuagenarians (senior Mr. and Mrs. Gupta) and a special child at home, they needed … Continue reading LOCKDOWN


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Hello friend, here i'm resharing one of my old posts...   A short story about how a family copes with the birth of a pre term baby and their child being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. And how they come to terms with reality and accept their son with love and pledge to give him a  … Continue reading Acceptance