Sunday Snapshots

I always thought that WordPress posts were all about words until I came across posts and categories like “Wordless Wednesdays” and “Saturday/ Sunday Snapshots.” So thought… “Why not start one?” Then the next question that came up was to choose a name for the category.

“Sunday Snapshots.” It is. I think it is best suitable as I am not a professional photographer. I do not understand much about any photography technique. I have no clue about light and lenses, filters, and exposures. And please, don’t ask about those rules… “Rule of thirds” and Rule of composition,” haha. I just shoot whatever pleases my eye. Haha…And moreover, I use my humble phone to take pictures. I do not have the patience to handle a proper pro camera. Hence “Sunday Snapshots” will be ideal.

Sharing this for my “Sunday Snapshot” first post.

Please, click here to see the picture and read the post…