Thoughtful Thursday #8

Here’s today’s Thoughtful Thursday quote.. “Only if you realize you are responsible do you have the freedom to create yourself the way you want to be, not as a reaction to the situations in which you exist. Reactivity is enslavement. Responsibility is freedom.” ― Sadhguru, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy Have a blessed … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday #8

Kojagiri Pournima

Switch of all the artificial lamps and light.To enjoy the smiling glow of this beautiful night. He is all alone in the sky every night of the year.Be his companion today to witness the brightest sphere. Soak yourself in the soothing light of his healing rays.More than enough to energize you for many, many days. … Continue reading Kojagiri Pournima

Monday Musings #11

GM Friends, hope your Monday has started on a great note. Sharing my today’s Monday Musing… Keenness is the key to the kingdom of knowledge. Wishing you lots of happiness this week Kalyani S Kakade 28, Ashwina Shukla Paksha, Trayodashi 2078 Aananda, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, Singapore18October 2021Monday

Thoughtful Thursday #7

Thoughtful Thursday I love these quotes from The Mother. I find them very uplifting and energising. I think this cute picture of Mamma Elephant nudging the baby to march forward beautifully depicts the thought. From the moment you are satisfied and aspire no longer, you begin to die. Life is movement, life is effort; it … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday #7

Monday Musings #10

Today’s Monday Musings Jive to the joys of this jubilant journey. wishing you all a jolly good week ahead…💕 Kalyani S Kakade Shukla Paksha, Shashthi 2078 Aananda, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, Singapore11October 2021Monday Skanda Sashti, Saraswati Avahan, Bilva Nimantran, Kalparambha, Akal Bodhon

Ma Durga

Namaskar, my dear Adbhut friends.Wish you all a happy Navaratri. Today, I am presenting a small story about the power of Ma Durga’s Nama Jap. Instead of just sharing the story, I thought of narrating the story through this podcast.Our folklore is full of stories brimming with devotion towards our Bhagawan and a treasure trove … Continue reading Ma Durga

Monday Musings #9

Hello friends, couldn’t post Monday Musings for the past few days… coming back with this one .. Irrigate your imagination with ingenious ideas to invite intuitive instructions. Have a fantastic week ahead friends…💕 Published by Kalyani S Kakade 13, Ashwina Krishna Paksha, Trayodashi 2078 Aananda, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, Singapore 04 October 2021Monday

Makan at Kakade’s

Hello friends, Hope you all are having a good weekend. Just came in to share some pictures of yesterday’s Makan (food, to eat) at my place. Nothing special. Just some good old Indian Chinese for a change. When we moved to Singapore a decade ago, I was not too fond of Chinese Chinese food available … Continue reading Makan at Kakade’s

Musings, Inspiration, positive thoughts

Monday Musings #8

Today’s Monday Musing says… An honest human is an honourable hero. Truly, honesty is the best policy. Have a beautiful week ahead, friends…💕 Published by Kalyani S Kakade 14, Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha, Chaturdashi 1943 Plava, Shaka Samvata Singapore, Singapore 20 September 2021Monday


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