Namaskar Mitron, Welcome to This Adbhut Life !

कथाएँ , इस नर (नारी) जीवन के प्रवास की उस परमात्मा नारायण (नारायणी) की और!

Stories of the journey of this humble human to that superhuman!

I tried to find an equivalent word in English for “Adbhut”. I am amazed to see so many positive, powerful words that are almost near to meaning Adbhut, yet fall short of giving the exact meaning.

Wonderful, Marvellous, Mind-blowing, Miraculous, Novel, Phenomenal, Prodigious, Quixotic, Amazing, Awesome, Romantic, Curious, Stunning, Tremendous, Extraordinary…

Interestingly, some of translating websites also suggested these words.Whimsical, Howling, Wild, Preposterous, Antic, Odd, Rattling, Eerie, Weird…

Hmm. Quite truly, as life cannot be only a string of positive events of one’s choice and liking…

This search made me fall in love with the word “Adbhut” even more, as it encompasses so many feelings and could be used in so many different life situations. My sincere effort, hope, and prayer is to make this journey as positively Adbhut as possible.

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Kalyani Sreedhar Kakade

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      1. Kindly let me know the original author of this story. I’ve been searching for the name since years.
        Thank you.


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