Hinduism, Shree Krishna Bhagwan, Basuri.

जय श्रीकृष्ण !! As per the widespread knowledge, The Basuri-making artisan/ craftsman cuts and procures the raw bamboo on some specific days of the month, according to Hindu Panchanga. The artisan has observed that when the bamboo is cut on Panchami, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, or Dashami, the bamboo invariably gets infested and has to be … Continue reading Basuri


Margashirsh Sankashta Chaturthi

Margashirsh Sankashta Chaturthi has always stirred emotional turmoil within me. Well, not always, but precisely for the past 10 years. Because, on this fateful day (according to Hindu Calendar), I lost my dear Myaga to the dreadful Lung Fibrosis. Myaga, this is how I called my mother. With varied tones depending upon my mood and … Continue reading Margashirsh Sankashta Chaturthi

Puja : Purna Jagruti

Picking up where we left. As promised in my last blog, "A New Dawn," I will be writing further on the topic... From that cold fateful night of April 2002 to this day, I have always felt this, so I want to say it here. I wonder why I had so much aversion for something … Continue reading Puja : Purna Jagruti

A New Dawn

I come from a strict, ritual-loving, God-fearing Hindu Maharashtrian joint family from Hyderabad. Our mega joint family was governed and looked after by my father. My father, a strict disciplinarian, needed things to be done as per his orders and dictum. I can distinctly remember those morning scenes as if all of it is happening … Continue reading A New Dawn

The Sanatana Sadhaka

Namaskar, to all my अद्भुत friends. This post is an attempt to answer the question, why I want to learn Sanskrit?  I realized that I was not able to express and squeeze all my thoughts into one single post. So I have created a separate section, under the category 'Sanatana Sadhaka'.  I want to specifically … Continue reading The Sanatana Sadhaka