Vahini’s Adventures on Wheels #4

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It's been quite some time since we enquired, and we took account of Vahini's progress with her driving. So let's head straight to Vahini's Bangalore home and see what adventure she is up to. Here is the link to previous episodes of tales of Vahini's adventures on Wheels. Vahini's Advetures on Wheels-1 Vahini's Adventures on … Continue reading Vahini’s Adventures on Wheels #4


Vahini’s Aventures on Wheels #3

Short stories, Bicycles, Moped, Cycling, Wheels, Pune, Punekar

Hello, my dear peeps. I hope you all having a great weekend. Continuing our journey with Vahini's escapades on wheels Read the earlier stories here Vahini's Adventures on Wheels #1 Vahini's Adventures on Wheels #2 Vahini is about to start on another of her learning adventures… Episode 3 After a lavish wedding followed by a … Continue reading Vahini’s Aventures on Wheels #3

Vahini’s Adventures on Wheels #2

Short stories, Bicycles, Moped, Cycling, Wheels, Pune, Punekar

Hello friends, picking up from where we left...You can read Episode 1 here Episode 2 Vahini's home got busy with the engagement preparations. Vahini and Varun got engaged in a grand ceremony within a month on an auspicious Muhurat. Vahini was now lost in the dreams of a beautiful future with Varun. And also eagerly … Continue reading Vahini’s Adventures on Wheels #2


Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Special Needs People, Disability, Miracles, Acceptane

Hello friend, here i'm resharing one of my old posts...   A short story about how a family copes with the birth of a pre term baby and their child being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. And how they come to terms with reality and accept their son with love and pledge to give him a  … Continue reading Acceptance

Vahini’s Advetures on Wheels #1

Short stories, Bicycles, Moped, Cycling, Wheels, Pune, Punekar

Vahini's tryst with locomotory machines started in her early teens. As precisely as she could recollect, she had miserably failed to peddle a bicycle in a straight line. While her younger siblings had started doing short sorties in their large front yard, she could barely cover a few feet. All her attempts to take control … Continue reading Vahini’s Advetures on Wheels #1

The Flower Braid

The day started just like any other day of a typical Hyderabad summer. Nothing special … Yes, every summer, we used to have one of our Athya's (Father's sister) or Kaka's (Father's brother) family for vacation….This time, my Lallu Attya, Chandrashekhar Uncle, and their sons Sachin and Nitin from Gundulupet, a small town in Karnataka. … Continue reading The Flower Braid