Fantastic Friday With Friends

Whoa hooo.... had an awesome movie night out with my Condo lovelies... Just came back from Golden Village, Bedok, Singapore after watching Bala..... What's so awesome amazing about it, that here I'm writing about it at 2 AM .....बड़े बड़े शहरोंमें ऐसी छोटी छोटी  बाते  आम बात है भाईओं और बहनो...Well, well, it is a … Continue reading Fantastic Friday With Friends


Lenyadri cha Girijatamaj

Girijatmaj Ganapati at Lenyadri

When Sreedhar, my husband, said, let's take a short vacation, when in Pune…..I was not very keen. I just wanted to chill in Pune's cold winter and return to the warmth of hot and humid Singapura. So much so that I never bothered to enquire or google about the nearby Temples and places to explore. … Continue reading Lenyadri cha Girijatamaj