The Sanatana Sadhaka

Namaskar, to all my अद्भुत friends. This post is an attempt to answer the question, why I want to learn Sanskrit?  I realized that I was not able to express and squeeze all my thoughts into one single post. So I have created a separate section, under the category ‘Sanatana Sadhaka’.  I want to specifically mention here that I am not an expert on these topics. My main aim is to talk about my personal experience. I am only stating whatever little  I have understood. You see, I am still learning.  I am just an honest Sadhaka ever eager and excited to know and understand our glorious Sanatana dharma. And will be happy to get all the inputs from all of you. I am starting this series with the first write up  ‘A New Dawn’.  Click on the next post to read it.

Kalyani Sreedhar Kakade

Text and Images Copyright: This Adbhut life!

11, Pausha
Krishna Paksha, Ekadashi
2077 Pramadi, Vikrama Samvata
Singapore, Singapore

January 2021


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