Good News

This post was shared by one of my friends some time back. It reminded me of an incident I had heard from another friend some 25 years ago. I can narrate it even after so many because I had written it down in a small scrapbook after hearing it. Please give it a read and … Continue reading Good News


Vahini’s Adventures on Wheels #2

Short stories, Bicycles, Moped, Cycling, Wheels, Pune, Punekar

Hello friends, picking up from where we left...You can read Episode 1 here Episode 2 Vahini's home got busy with the engagement preparations. Vahini and Varun got engaged in a grand ceremony within a month on an auspicious Muhurat. Vahini was now lost in the dreams of a beautiful future with Varun. And also eagerly … Continue reading Vahini’s Adventures on Wheels #2

The Rao Family Zoom Huddle

Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Special Needs People, Short Stories, Siblings,

The family zoom meeting of siblings from across the globe was in full swing. They had decided to meet up to beat the blues of lockdown. So to accommodate everyone from different time zones, they chose to meet at 10 am (IST) Sunday. As such, the four Rao siblings maintained a comfortable diplomatic closeness and … Continue reading The Rao Family Zoom Huddle

Vahini’s Advetures on Wheels #1

Short stories, Bicycles, Moped, Cycling, Wheels, Pune, Punekar

Vahini's tryst with locomotory machines started in her early teens. As precisely as she could recollect, she had miserably failed to peddle a bicycle in a straight line. While her younger siblings had started doing short sorties in their large front yard, she could barely cover a few feet. All her attempts to take control … Continue reading Vahini’s Advetures on Wheels #1