Thoughtful Thursday #8

Here's today's Thoughtful Thursday quote.. “Only if you realize you are responsible do you have the freedom to create yourself the way you want to be, not as a reaction to the situations in which you exist. Reactivity is enslavement. Responsibility is freedom.” ― Sadhguru, Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy Have a blessed … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday #8

Thoughtful Thursday #7

Thoughtful Thursday I love these quotes from The Mother. I find them very uplifting and energising. I think this cute picture of Mamma Elephant nudging the baby to march forward beautifully depicts the thought. From the moment you are satisfied and aspire no longer, you begin to die. Life is movement, life is effort; it … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday #7

Thoughtful Thursday #6

Do not know the source of these beautiful lines.... When the setting sun asked who shall do the rest, a little lamp offered I'll do my best. Nonetheless, i love these simple yet powerful meaningful lines ❤️ Have a blessed Thursday friends. Published by Kalyani S Kakade 10, Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha, Dashami 1943 Plava, Shaka … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday #6