Sunday Snapshot #14

Hello friends, sharing this American/Caribbean Flamingo for today's Sunday Snapshot. Our Condo Management decided to get a feel of Jurong bird park at our Condo and installed decorative bird statues. And my phone promptly caught these, and I am presenting one of them here —some fun trivia about the beautiful pink birdies. 1.More than 2 … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #14


Sunday Snapshot #13

Sunday Snapshots, Phone Photography, Emerald Buddha, Wat Phra That, Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a Theravada Buddhist temple (wat) in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The temple is often referred to as "Doi Suthep" although this is actually the name of the mountain where it's located. It is a sacred site to many Thai people. The temple is 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from the city of Chiang Mai and situated at an elevation … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #13

Sunday Snapshot #12

Sunday Snapshots, Phone Photography, Seascapes, Pasir Ris Beach, Parjanya

Sharing this Sanskrit shloka explaining the importance of the raincloud, Parjanya is called and given the full status of divine power alongside the other Vedic gods for his procreative power.  नवमासधृतं गर्भं भास्करस्य गभस्तिभिः। पीत्वा रसं समुद्राणां द्यौः प्रसूते रसायनम्॥ Nava-māsa-dhṛtaṃ garbhaṃ bhāskarasya gabasthibhiḥ | Pītvā rasaṃ samudrāṇāṃ dyauḥ prasūte ras’-āyanam || For Nine months, … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #12

Sunday Snapshot #11

Sunday Snapshots, Phone Photography, Nature, Flower blooms, Petunias

I caught these two dainty little ladies enjoying and swinging in the light early morning breeze; the purple beauties had to be preserved.  Hence this Sunday's Snapshot of these Petunias. Mexican petunia, to be precise. They are also called Mexican bluebells because of their shape. They are known as purple showers as they grow rampantly, … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #11

Sunday Snapshot #10

As always sharing this random click of this light turquoise wall and the wall plates. A beautiful memory of a holiday a long long time ago in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Have a beautiful Sunday, friends 💕 Kalyani S Kakade 16, Vaishakha Shukla Paksha, Pratipada 2079 Rakshasa, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, 01 May 2022 … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #10

Sunday Snapshot #9

Clicked this picture while on my morning walk...The sky reminded me of this beautiful song...Love the lyrics...One of my favorites written, composed and sung by Kishore Da.... आ, चल के तुझे मैं लेके चलूँ एक गगन के तलेजहाँ ग़म भी ना हो, आँसू भी ना हो, बस प्यार ही प्यार पले आ,बस प्यार ही प्यार … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #9

Sunday Snapshot #7

Sunday Snapshot, Phone Photography, Nature Photography, Beautiful nature

Captured this beautiful Inflorescence swaying gently in the breeze and basking in the tender morning sun. I do not know the name of the plant. Please share it with me if any one of you know its common and botanical name. Here's wishing you all a cheerful and happy Sunday...💕 Kalyani S Kakade 10, Chaitra … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #7