Sunday Snapshot #7

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Captured this beautiful Inflorescence swaying gently in the breeze and basking in the tender morning sun. I do not know the name of the plant. Please share it with me if any one of you know its common and botanical name. Here's wishing you all a cheerful and happy Sunday...💕 Kalyani S Kakade 10, Chaitra … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #7

The Flower Braid

The day started just like any other day of a typical Hyderabad summer. Nothing special … Yes, every summer, we used to have one of our Athya's (Father's sister) or Kaka's (Father's brother) family for vacation….This time, my Lallu Attya, Chandrashekhar Uncle, and their sons Sachin and Nitin from Gundulupet, a small town in Karnataka. … Continue reading The Flower Braid