Akshaya Tritiya 2022

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Greetings on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. Hey, Akshay Tritiya 2022 is here. And so are all the advertisements for bringing in luck, prosperity, auspiciousness, eternal joy, and everlasting peace by buying the precious yellow metal. So, are you all heading to your favorite jeweler? I have consistently followed this ritual for the past … Continue reading Akshaya Tritiya 2022

Sunday Snapshot #10

As always sharing this random click of this light turquoise wall and the wall plates. A beautiful memory of a holiday a long long time ago in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Have a beautiful Sunday, friends 💕 Kalyani S Kakade 16, Vaishakha Shukla Paksha, Pratipada 2079 Rakshasa, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, 01 May 2022 … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #10

Monday Musings #31

Kind people are real Healers!Because kindness is soothing.Because kindness is comforting.Because kindness is Pacifying. On that healing, soothing, pacifying, and comforting note, have a beautiful week ahead ny dear Adbhut friends.💕 Kalyani S Kakade 10, Vaishakha Krishna Paksha, Dashami 2079 Rakshasa, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, 25 April 2022 Monday

Sunday Snapshot #9

Clicked this picture while on my morning walk...The sky reminded me of this beautiful song...Love the lyrics...One of my favorites written, composed and sung by Kishore Da.... आ, चल के तुझे मैं लेके चलूँ एक गगन के तलेजहाँ ग़म भी ना हो, आँसू भी ना हो, बस प्यार ही प्यार पले आ,बस प्यार ही प्यार … Continue reading Sunday Snapshot #9

🙏Jai Shree Hanuman🙏

Wishing all my Adbhut friends a Happy and joyous Hanuman Jayanti. May the celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti fill your life with high spirits, dedication and devotion. Sharing an old post on the pious occasion of Shree Hanuman Jayanti. Please click on the link below to read 🙏 https://kalyaniskakade.com/2021/04/27/%f0%9f%99%8fjai-shree-hanuman%f0%9f%99%8f/