Clapping, Applause, Appreciation, Bhagavad Gita Quote

"Until it's my turn, I will keep clapping for others. It's really that simple." Stumbled upon this quote on a FB Page. Really liked it for its positive message. It sure feels so good to receive appreciation. So, it is excellent to have this message being loved, appreciated, and shared across many mediums... At the … Continue reading Clap


The Queen’s Gambit

When the hubs is a passionate and a decent chess player, you cannot escape being tormented by all the moves, I mean the moves across the 64 squares. You also cannot escape without sitting through all the movies based on the game.  When I chanced upon a few of the scenes from the latest Netflix rage, … Continue reading The Queen’s Gambit

A Glimpse of the Road Ahead

Hello, Hello! My dear Adbhut friends. It is all well at the Kakade home. And I hope the same with yours too. Thank you so much for taking out the time to read my blog. Your questions through DMs show that some of you are genuinely interested in my writings and also read the “About … Continue reading A Glimpse of the Road Ahead

Random Ramblings

Hello dear all, how have you all been?  I have been feeling a little low and down. This whole pandemic situation is getting so tiring, even though things have been "under control" for a significant part of the time in Singapore. Thank God for that! I was quite okay in the initial months and somehow … Continue reading Random Ramblings

March Musings!

  Hello friends, trust you all are good and coping well with the current Corona Commotion….No, No, I am not starting yet another thread on Corona, as so much is already being said and done by the experts as well as the general public. Everyone seems to have an expert opinion about everything under the … Continue reading March Musings!

Yes, I am reading again !

My last post talked about my reading block and how miserable I felt. And just to feel good, I posted some of the covers of the books I have enjoyed reading over the years. But, is It enough, if one talks about one's past reading and leave things status quo? Certainly, no! I need to … Continue reading Yes, I am reading again !

If everyone is a writer, then who is reading ?

Writers and readers

This writeup is triggered by some of the online articles I came across in the last few months... What drew my attention and got me thinking are the articles and interviews of famous authors. These online posts, some old and some recent ones, talked about how everyone is an author and no one wants to … Continue reading If everyone is a writer, then who is reading ?

Landscapes in Watercolours

The cleaning keeda really comes out in full force when I'm at my Pune home. With a full-time maid with me, I dive into cleaning every nook and cranny of my little hillside sanctuary. And this time was no different. After devouring a sumptuous lunch on a pleasant wintry afternoon, I summoned Vijaya, my ever-ready … Continue reading Landscapes in Watercolours