Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Special Needs People, Disability, Challenges, Life

Mr. Gupta, along with his father, was busy gathering all the information about the global pandemic that created havoc across continents. They were glued to the TV to understand the governments' directives about the lockdown and preventive measures. With two elderly septuagenarians (senior Mr. and Mrs. Gupta) and a special child at home, they needed … Continue reading LOCKDOWN


Puja : Purna Jagruti

Picking up where we left. As promised in my last blog, "A New Dawn," I will be writing further on the topic... From that cold fateful night of April 2002 to this day, I have always felt this, so I want to say it here. I wonder why I had so much aversion for something … Continue reading Puja : Purna Jagruti