Spin Top

‘All set to welcome your sister and her family, han?’ Rahul asked as he sipped his morning tea.

‘I am so excited; I can’t tell you. Give them the Innova to drive around and take the Maruti 800 to the office for these five days.’ My BIL is not used to small cars.’ Aparna ordered as she cleared the table after breakfast.

‘Okay, madaam. As you say. I already got both cars serviced. Hope you have planned the menu well for all the days. Of course, not for the days we will be eating out.

‘Yup, all set. Only you get up on time to receive them at the airport.’

‘Okhay!! Appu darling, Done. Let me get some things done at the office so I can get some free time, at least in the evenings.

‘Oh yes. I need to confirm the timings and other details for Ramoji Film City. Let me read the itinerary to you once. So many things to do in these five days. Ramoji Film City and Zoo will take the entire two days.’

‘You manage all that. I will be free in the evenings. You have the Innova at your disposal. When are you going to Charminar for your pearls shopping? Keep me out of it all these full-day plans. I will happily join on Saturday and Sunday.

‘Yes. Noted. Wah!! Super excited. Can’t wait for them to arrive.’

‘Oh, God !!’ These cheerful five days flew away so quickly. So much fun. Yeah. But, my golu molu was a bit left out. Couldn’t even do basic therapy. It’s okay. Family get-togethers happen so rarely, with everyone getting ever so busy. I hope my golu baba also gained something out of these interactions positively. Hope… Hope… that’s all that we got.

Setting aside all these confusing trains of thought, Aparna poured the steaming tea and hot chocolate into different cups. And she hurried to serve the evening tea to her sister and family, who were busy packing their stuff in the guest bedroom.

‘Hmmm. Hey Nandan. What are you staring at, my baby? Mama will be back in a minute.’ Aparna murmured to the little bundle of joy little Nandan, lying on the mat in the living room, staring at the wall.

‘Garam Chai. Garama garam Chai….’ After hearing the conversation, Aparna couldn’t complete her sentence and stood still near the slightly ajar door. She could hear her BIL and nephew talking.

Aparna’s nephew was excited to pack all the toys they had bought yesterday at the arts and crafts fair.

‘Papa, Papa, pack my spin top. I want to show it to my friends.’

‘Aare baba. This is broken. The lights are not working, you see. Get the other one lying on the dressing table.’

‘But, Papa, it’s not mine. It is Nandan’s. He will cry if I take it.”

‘Nandan won’t know, Beta. He doesn’t understand anything. Get it fast. Let me pack it.’

‘No Papa….’

‘Now, do as I say.’

Aparna could hear her BIL’s raised voice. She entered the room to serve them tea.

‘Garam Chai. Garama Garam Chai.’

All the stories and anecdotes I am sharing under the category ‘Special short stores’ are not fictional or autobiographical. They are non-autobiographical as they are all not my experiences. Some might have a few threads of semblance here and there as all special children’s parents face it throughout their lives. Thank God for some kind-hearted family and friends we have been blessed with. These are some of the stories I have heard from all the special needs children’s moms over the years.

Have a beautiful Sunday, dear all 💕

Kalyani S Kakade


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