Hello there you lovely people. Sharing some thoughts, I scribbled on today’s women from a different perspective. Would love to hear from you all.

Gazing at the beautiful sunset from the seashore.
She gushed. ‘Three cheers to the superwoman in me!’

Diligently multitasking to empower.
Doesn’t let her setbacks overpower.

Conquers every tier of success- tower.
Wears a beautiful smile like an exotic flower.

Feels great to be among achievers.
Still crave to be among better highfliers.

Why don’t I try this?
Let me try to walk on water for that little bliss.

So she touches up her face and with her heels on
She walks towards the waves to conquer the new horizon.

With the water rushing into her mouth and nostrils, she cries a yelp.
Far away on the shore, she sees her desperate family seeking help.

Do you recognize her?
She is that superwoman of the modern world.

Have a fabulous weekend, dear friends.

Kalyani S Kakade


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