Vahini’s Adventures on Wheels #4

It’s been quite some time since we enquired, and we took account of Vahini’s progress with her driving. So let’s head straight to Vahini’s Bangalore home and see what adventure she is up to. Here is the link to previous episodes of tales of Vahini’s adventures on Wheels.

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Vahini’s Adventures on Wheels-3

‘How is your driving class, baby? Sorry project is going live in a few days—no time to breathe.’ Varun said as he took another idli.

‘It’s okay. I know you came back so late. I didn’t want to bother you. Only a few classes left. You wait and see, dear. I will be zooming around Bengalooru very soon.’ Vahini beamed.

‘Oh! Awesome! I need to get back to the office ASAP. Catch you later. If possible, we can dine out today. Will see how it goes. I will call you. Love you. muuaahh.’ Varun planted a quick kiss on Vahini’s cheeks as he headed to the porch with his laptop bag.

‘Ooo Varu got class from 3 to 4 after I am back from Institute. Call after 4pm, okay.’ Vahini

After returning from the Institute, Vahini got ready and waited for Mr. Manjunatha to arrive.

‘Sorry, Sorry, Vahu. Had practicals and got delayed. Just had some tea, and I came running.’ Shravani said as she joined Vahini.

‘It’s okay, dear. Anyways, the CEO will take his own sweet time to arrive. Day by day, his antics are touching new lows. Hate that bloody bugger.’ And both burst out laughing.’ Vahini was said

‘We have to tolerate his spaceship and him a few more days, Vahu. And then tata tata-bye bye to him forever.’ Sharanya trying to create a feel-good vibe.

Just then, Mr. Manjunatha, the dynamic CEO cum the instructor, crash braked his clunker right in front of them and missed hitting them by a few inches, startling Vahini and Sharanya.

These two somehow managed to regain their composure and got into the car.

‘Wokay, Medam. Odasi’ Mr. Manjunath ordered Vahini, putting his left hand on the open window and adjusting his flashy cooling glasses.

‘What the heck! What’s with this guy? Stupid fellow. He and his style.’ setting aside these irritating thoughts, Vahini started the ignition and proceeded to do all the actions needed for the car to move. After all these days of practice, she could start and drive the vehicle for some distance without glitches. “Taking the car for a spin!” had to wait for more days, according to her.

Slowly, Vahini followed all the instructions from her expert instructor. The self-proclaimed genius asked Vahini to change gears and turn to left and right every now and then.

‘Today, he seems to be tooo overconfident and acting tooooo smart. And what’s with his English obsession today? Killing me with his great accent,’ Vahini lamented privately.

‘Ooo, Medam. Where you? Drive on road, Okhay! Not divider.’ Mr. Manjunatha laughed with his trademark sarcasm as they turned to take the 3rd main road, R T Nagara.

‘Okay, Okay. Sorry.’ Vahini quickly collected her thoughts and started to concentrate on the road.

‘We take other rootu, Okhay.’ Motor Guru ordered as they crossed Tarala Balu.

‘Aanh aah, Okay. firstye heli.’ (Aanh aah, Okay. Tell me well before the next turn) Vahini requested as she struggled to understand his broken Englishu.

“OOkhay, go rightu maedam” (Okay, take a right, Medam)

“Ayyo. that quickly, why change the route?” Vahini complained.

“What Quickly, medam? waant to go that road. Ashte” (What do you mean quickly. I want to take that road. that’s all) Motor Guru used to get this sudden spurts of English.

The rattler stopped just before taking the right turn just around BBMP Park. “It could not handle such a sudden change of routes.” moaned Vahini wondered as she struggled to start the car, this time much pressurized by the honking car behind them.

” No road sense in India. Why is this fellow honking so much?” Vahini started blabbering instead of starting the vehicle.

“It’s okay, Vahu. Start the vehicle.” Sharavani tried bringing Vahini back to normal.

The clinker started to everyone’s good fortune, albeit with the customary jerk of Vahini’s driving.

“Ayyo…Dyavere!!” Vahini couldn’t miss the scornful tone in Motor Guru’s call to the almighty.

Ignoring everything, Vahini steered the vehicle towards the Adarsha college campus. All the while sent vehement private prayers to ‘the up above the world so high – supreme’ as they approached the main gate of the campus. “Thank God, it’s not yet time. Otherwise, driving through this flood of students would have been a nightmare.”

But to Vahini’s utter horror, college students gathered in heaps around the campus’s main gate. Adding to her woes, the clunker stopped again just in front of one of the groups. This time, Vahini could not revive it as she panicked to see the college boys shouting, whistling, and clapping, creating a loud chaos around the car. Obviously, the college guys were mocking Vahini and having fun.

“Why do they even come to college? This is what education has taught them. Behave like hooligans. No Discipline …..” Vahini was muttering as she fiddled with the ignition, accelerator, clutch, and gear… all at once. Rattling the spaceship in a big hop and jerk, landing a few millimeters from one of the students.

“OOOO Medam!! DON’T waant lecturu. Run the vehicle. Medaam” The motor guru interrupted Vahini’s grumbling, adding fuel to the fire.

“Yen Lecture. They should know there is a vehicle approaching…They should move and give way!!”

“Ayyooo, Medam. No Hornu. How they know you coming on road?

“Yennu, Supporting them?” An already irritated with Mr. Motor Guru’s English, Vahini demanded

“Ayyo, Rama!! Nowu I drive. You See.” Mr. Manjunath ordered as he got out of his spaceship.

“Nimage agala bidi…15 divasa ayathu. Inna basic ye barathailla. Nimma neeti pathagalu sakayatu” (not your cup of tea. 15 days of practice. still struggling with the basics. enough of your moral lessons),” The great CEO Manjunatha grumbled as he took over the steering wheel and steered his beloved through the maze of students. Not before he threw a caustic “see, how smooth and easy it is!” glance at Vahini.

Mr. Motor Guru suddenly stopped the car before turning to Army PRTC road and, looking at Vahini, demanded. “That’s All aaa, don’t want to drive?

Jolting an already scared Vahini out of her troubling thoughts. “Aan Aah. What happened?”

It was pretty insulting to face all those laughing students…Sensing that Mr, Manjunath became a bit polite and said

“Mataome try madi, Medam. Do not scared. I am there.”

Vahini hesitatingly took over and luckily could maneuver the vehicle almost like a pro. She could feel a sense of control as she accelerated the mighty chariot on that empty road. “Ahh, at least so much!” She rejoiced silently.

“OO Oo, Shlow Shlow, Medam” take next leftu. Namma Pemme Gowda Road inda hoguve” (Slow down, Medam, and next left. We will take our Pemme Gowda Road). Mr. Manjunath announced as if he were Kempe Gowda!!

“Aare Deva, can’t we go straight for some time? Vahini pleaded but nevertheless took the next left by lane.

“Why Devva Devva, Medam? Call God, not Ghost” He seemed really irritated now.
“Illa Marathili Deva Andre Devaru. Devva alla.” Shravani spoke for the first time, trying to explain the difference. She elaborated that Marathi people address God as ‘Deva’ whereas, in Kannada, Devva means Ghost.

“Aare Deva, Mud road aanh?” Who cares? One day I will have to do it….” Vahini tried boosting her confidence as much as she could in her mind.

It was around 5:30 when Vahini steered the rattler into the bylane Pemme Gowda Road. It was evident that Mr. Manjunath Gowda knew almost everyone passing by in that narrow crowded lane. Everyone was wishing him and waving at him.

Vahini was getting irritated as she had to wade through a flood of people.

And the next minute, the spacecraft landed in a big dustbin area. “Breaku, Breaku! OOOO, Hoyatu Gadi… Hoyatu!!!!” Mr. Manjunath shouted as the zipping car slid as it hit the poodle of water, splashing slushy mud and water away in all directions…

Vahini’s confusion of accelerator, clutch, and break returned multifold under pressure. And lead to further speeding up the demon. The car skidded out of the puddle and ran straight into the thatched roof shed.

“Ayyo Emme Emme(Buffalo)…Haalu(Milk)…Ayyo Gowdre!” The Motor Guru seemed to have lost control. And was shouting as the vehicle stopped after hitting one of the poles of the shed. Unable to withstand all the chaos, the Emme knocked the milk bucket and the milkman in one single kick and ran, uprooting the whole thatched roof shed. To add to this chaos, Gowdre’s Raja started barking loudly. As if that was not enough, 15 more of Raja’s friends joined him to support him.

Unfortunately, the shed crashed on the car trapping all three inside the vehicle. But, very fortunately, there was no damage to any living being, both two-legged and four-legged.

As a result of the devastation caused by Vahini’s Motor driving escapade, her driving lessons were suspended with immediate effect. The next day Mr. Manjunath handed a bill of Rs 15000 as compensation for the damages to Mr. Manajunath’s costly spaceship and Gowdre’s cow shed property. The invoice listed all the costs, including 2 liters of milk and the bucket. Thereby putting a huge question mark on the prospects of Vahini’s dream of zooming around namma Bengaluru.

Kalyani S Kakade

09, Bhadrapada, Krishna Paksha, Navami, 2079 Rakshasa, Vikrama Samvata, Singapore, 20 August 2022, Saturday


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