Sunday Snapshot #12

Sharing this Sanskrit shloka explaining the importance of the raincloud, Parjanya is called and given the full status of divine power alongside the other Vedic gods for his procreative power. 

नवमासधृतं गर्भं भास्करस्य गभस्तिभिः।

पीत्वा रसं समुद्राणां द्यौः प्रसूते रसायनम्॥

Nava-māsa-dhṛtaṃ garbhaṃ bhāskarasya gabasthibhiḥ |

Pītvā rasaṃ samudrāṇāṃ dyauḥ prasūte ras’-āyanam ||

For Nine months, the sky drank the ocean’s water, sucking it up through the sun’s rays, and now gives birth to a liquid offspring, the elixir of life. With his lightning, thunder, and rain, the Raincloud Bhagawan (Parjanya) rejuvenates, revitalizes, and replenishes the parched mother earth periodically. Ever so grateful for these Nimbuses.

The picture was taken at our Pasir Ris Beach. Singapore.

Have a fabulous Sunday, dear friends💕

Kalyani S Kakade


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