Neophyte’s Art and Craft

I am inquisitive. What do most people do when they cannot doze off the moment they hit the sack. Nah… Nah. I am not about to start a write-up covering 10 points to cure insomnia. Here, I am talking about just one of those rare times when your eyelids are wide apart with your eyes scanning the very familiar walls and roof. The members of the brain sleep centers seem to have gone on strike. So what do you do?

It was one of such sleepless wide awake times I gently sprang out of bed and slowly tiptoed into the living room, and you guessed it right. With my phone. Nope, I did not go to Facebook or WhatsApp. Somehow, Pinterest beckoned me. And the first picture that appeared was that of the Sun. What an irony! In the dark of the night, I sat staring at the picture of this Sun in the reflected blue light of the mobile.

I don’t know, and what was with me that night? I just picked up a sheet lying on the center table. It was a grocery delivery receipt on A4 paper. I turned it around and quickly got the pouch where I had preserved some essential stationery items. Elementary stuff, like black, blue, and red ballpoint pens, a few sketch pens, surprisingly a ruler, and fortunately an eraser.And I drew this Surya Bhagawan. As I finished doing this, the nightly owl was staring at me. So I promised this one to meet the next day.

Even before I realized it, it became a habit to draw a few lines every time I got some awake free time in the night. I could manage to do these six Madhubani-style sketches in the last ten days.

Sharing all this here with you all doesn’t mean I am proudly astounded by my amateurish art. Haha… In fact, I am very much aware of the inadequacies. It is just that I am happy. And I thought of sharing it with you all. This is almost two decades since I have drawn anything. Here also, I have just copied from the various inspiring artists. Like a Hyderbadi would say and do “makkhii kii makkhii maarnaa”. I did the same thing and copied every line, every dot, so much so that I would have drawn a fly if it was there. LOL.

Anyways here are some of the sketches in Madhubani style. I would say they are just basic sketches as I haven’t completed them incorporating all the features of an authentic Madhubani. I hope I will keep up with this and improve my craft. I know I will produce a lot more scrap and share it with you all. Sometimes you’ve got to create a lot of crap before feeling satisfied, making it even more rewarding.

While constantly feeling that your work doesn’t measure up is frustrating. However, the ability to self criticize your work is a gift. It drives improvement because the voice that says “It’s not good enough.” is the same one that says “I can do better.”

Happy Thursday friends💕

Kalyani S Kakade

18, Jyeshtha Shukla Paksha, Tritiya 2079 Rakshasa, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, 02 June 2022 Thursday


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