My Betel Leaf Story

Hello, my dear Adbhut friends, peeping in to share some pictures of my betel leaf story.

What do you do when you end up with 100 betel leaves? Thank the generous Bhaiya of a flower shop in Little India. You come back home with 100 paans, use the required leaves for puja, and then your next thought is, “How do I use the remaining ones. How can you think of throwing them.”

And then you end up doing this. That is to spend much more than the value of the ingredient you set to save. Hahaha. I am sure many of you would totally relate to this. Read on to know my full betel leaf story.

So most of the paan was used to make Dry Paan Mukhawas ( Mouth Freshener). My Dry Paan Mukhawas in pictures.

Then when I was chopping the paan leaves, Paan Ladoo banane ka maan
hua. So here are my Paan Ladoos filled with gulkand and dry fruits.

For the Paan Laddos, I used only half a tin of sweetened condensed milk. The remaining Half was teasing me, “You opened me to save 2 dollar paan. Now, do something about the remaimg half tin.”

So quickly, Paneer was thawed, and jhat pat Kalakand was prepared. Here is the Kalakand picture, a somewhat chewy one. I think I overcooked. 😌

Anyways it was all well worth all the effort. I can’t stop myself from sharing this post about the health benefits of Paan.

On another note, I am no nightingale, neither am I a bathroom singer, But I love to gunguno (गुनगुनाना) (hum) old Hindi songs while I cook. Nah, Nah, don’t panic…I am not sharing any of my गुनगुनाना.

Signing off with this original, Paan Kaye Saiyan hamaro…here

Whishing you all a beautiful week ahead, dear friends 😍

Kalyani Sreedhar Kakade

30, Magha Shukla Paksha, Purnima 2078 Aananda, Vikrama Samvata, Singapore

16 February 2022 Wednesday


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