Sunday Snapshot #3

Serene seascapes, sky above, sand below, peace within.

My present state of mind. 🙂 Grateful for every grain of sand, every breath of air, and every drop of water.

Today’s Sunday Snapshot is clicked at East Coast Park; ECP for us Singaporeans is Singapore’s beautiful largest park, spanning about 460-acre. It is built entirely on reclaimed land with an artificial beach, where swimming is possible. Backwaters protect the coast. For most of the day, the beach has gentle, soothing waves caressing the small patch of grainy sands on the beach. One can also see large groups of marine vessels floating on the sea, and every few minutes, there is a flight either descending or ascending in the sky. Like all beach parks of Singapore, ECP is also equipped with an array of recreational activity facilities. More detailed information and trivia about ECP: East Coast Park.

Have a beautiful Sunday, friends.😍

13, Magha Krishna Paksha, Trayodashi 2078 Aananda, Vikrama Samvata, Singapore 30 January 2022


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