When the over enthu hubby dear picks up three large cabbage heads (one of which is a Napa cabbage), you definitely can’t call him a cabbage head. Instead, you flash a beautiful smile and head to the kitchen. Now don’t ask how three heads got into the shopping cart. 😇 😌

So, we had a cabbage festival at home. On day one, I made cabbage stir fry for lunch and cutlets ( of the same cabbage subzi) for a 4 o’clock snack. I made coleslaw salad for lunch and cabbage rice for dinner. And, I patted myself for this astounding accomplishment (No, No, not for cooking all these variations but to get this cribbing father-son duo to eat cabbage four times in a row)…Ha!

Anyway, where was I? Yes. When I said, “Hurray ! Nothing wasted !”. The Napa head tumbled out of the cover in the refrigerator. My dear family would have killed me if I had served them anything related to this cruciferous guy. No way!! So, I ended up making Korean Kimchi with some help from Google Baba…haha.

Though I’m not a big fan of Korean cuisine, I quite seem to like it. The simple used Dabur honey glass bottle has taken the place of traditional Onggi to store the Kimchi.

Sharing here the pictures of my first try at Korean Kimchi… I never thought that I would share a post about our Cabbage festival. Otherwise, I would have clicked photos of all four dishes.

Have a great weekend, dear friends 😍 💕

04, Magha Krishna Paksha, Chaturthi 2078 Aananda, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, 22January 2022


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