Makan at Kakade’s

Hello friends, Hope you all are having a good weekend. Just came in to share some pictures of yesterday’s Makan (food, to eat) at my place.

Nothing special. Just some good old Indian Chinese for a change. When we moved to Singapore a decade ago, I was not too fond of Chinese Chinese food available island-wide. I felt it was extreme, either very spicy and hot or very bland. It was far from what I knew and enjoyed of Chinese dishes, with some distinct Indian flavors. But over time, I seem to have developed a liking for all that Singaporean cuisine. Singaporean cuisine is not just Chinese fare but also includes Indian, Malay, and Indonesian—more of Sedap (delicious) Singaporean cuisine in my future blogs for sure.

Par kya kare, Phir bhi dil hain hindustani. (But, what to do? The heart is Hindustani!) So satiated our craving for some Indian Chinese with these simple dishes. Veg Hakka Noodles, Veg Manchurian. I also made this, Egg fried rice (my version of Din Tai Fung Egg Fried Rice…Haha) as my little hero doesn’t enjoy the stringy noodles. Din Tai Fung is a restaurant specializing in Taiwanese cuisine.

Bye-bye for now. Have a beautiful weekend, dearies. 💕

Published by Kalyani S Kakade

26, Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha, Ekadashi 1943 Plava, Shaka Samvata Singapore, Singapore 02 October 2021


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