Mount Kailash was buzzing with hectic preparation.
Little Ganoba was to descend on earth for a festive celebration.

Ma Parvathi had just returned after gracing Hartalika Puja.
Preparing milk for Ganoba, she said, “Get up, my dear Raja.”

After giving a nice bath in the holy waters of Ma Ganga,
Pa Shankara warned, “Ganoba, do not overindulge in eating modaks, Aah.”

Brother Kartikeya handed over the yellow new Pitamber.
Pleading, Ganoba to return in 10 days for their playful banter.

Ma Parvathi packed a box of Laddus in the back of their buggy.
Asking, Ganoba to share with the little rat and be a good buddy.

All this made Ganoba a bit teary and full of emotion.
Putting aside all the feelings, he decided to descend for the sake of His Bhakta’s love and devotion.

Finally, Ganoba set forth for the ride after a quick, warm exchange of hugs and kisses with bro, Ma, and Pa.
And tomorrow is the day to welcome, pray and cherish the love and grace of Ganapathi Bappa.

Ganapati Bappa Morya 🙏 🚩 🙏

Published by Kalyani S Kakade

03, Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha, Tritiya1943 Plava, Shaka Samvata Singapore, Singapore 09 September 2021

Copyright : This Adbhut Life!

Picture credits: Sanskriti Magazine


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