A Glimpse of the Road Ahead

Hello, Hello! My dear Adbhut friends. It is all well at the Kakade home. And I hope the same with yours too. Thank you so much for taking out the time to read my blog. Your questions through DMs show that some of you are genuinely interested in my writings and also read the “About me” section on the blog. So thought of answering those questions…Though I would be happier if we could also interact on the Facebook page more often. Your interest in knowing more excites me!

As the questions or responses I received are such that I cannot answer or address them in a simple one sentence. Hence, I am sharing these questions first and will take up each one separately later. So what are these questions?

  1. Why do I want to learn Sanskrit and Tamil? A few of our friends asked this question via DMS? And sometimes there were reactions like you want to learn Sanskrit and Tamil when I meet people.
  2. Why do I always post the Panchang/Panchangam details of that particular day at the end of the blog?

I am somewhat intrigued by these two questions. I never thought that one day I would have to cover these topics as I have very casually and unapologetically stated who I am. Nonetheless, I am happy to share my thoughts. I plan to write separate posts for each one of these queries. So there are going to be three-four posts to cover these topics; One for Panchang and one for Sanskrit and Tamil each.

Also, I want to be more active on our Facebook page. I plan to start new interactive posts called “Thoughtful Thursdays”, wherein I will be sharing some of my thoughts in short one-liners or quotes I like, giving due credits wherever applicable. I hope this will be some kind of icebreaker between us and create a beautiful, happy community with lots of sharing and caring.

I started this blog as I wanted to share some of my short stories. I love narrating small incidences. But have been postponing doing it as I am worried about the length of the stories. With ten and 1-minute reads becoming so popular, even a short story seems very long…that too a tale from some unknown Kalyani. HAHA…

Oh Yes, another incident I want to share with you all. So finally, I went to the spa after almost eight months. At the mall, I bumped into one of my friends/acquaintances. Our casual Hi- Hellos naturally progressed to the hot topic, pandemic. I very casually mentioned a few of the problems we faced as a special family, expecting a compassionate assurance. Or just a sympathetic nod would have made me feel so good. But the lady started telling me how everyone has a family, husband, children, and how everyone has to cook-clean and go through the same grind. I wondered, how could it be the same grind? I am sure it is quite difficult for her to fathom what it takes to be a parent to a diaper dependent. I totally understand that each one of us has our own struggles. Fortunately, I am surrounded by very understanding and kind people.

The words or the tone did not offend me or anything such thing. I have grown immune to all this. Instead, it triggered this dormant urge in me to write about special people, their families, and their lives. I have always wanted to share small anecdotes and little snippets from a special child and a special family’s point of view. Very little is said about special people (young and adult). Whatever is written and depicted is very clichéd, because most folks do not have any idea about the ground reality.

Let me clarify a few things here. In both cases, whether I am sharing a general story or an incident about a special needs person, I would try to be realistic and unbiased about it, without bringing in unnecessary of romanticism or idealism. Like a witness! 

In today’s world, so much importance is given to achievements, success, and living a lit life. In all this hype, an average person is left out. Very often, he/she is under a lot of pressure to catch up and try to live a life as per societal norms. Then what to talk about a special needs person. I want to write about those simple people, their lives and struggles, and sometimes their little triumphs too if any. I feel it is okay to be yourself without trying hard to fit into any box. 

For me, a story need not always be of a superhero who saves a thousand lives or a child prodigy or a musical genius and need not always inspire and give sermons on morals and values. For me, a good story is the one, which makes one connect emotionally, intellectually, aesthetically, and unconditionally. If possible, it should also make one care. At this point, I will be more than happy if I can connect with clarity. Hmmm

Hope to hear more often from you all. Have a wonderful weekend, my Adbhut friends!

Kalyani Sreedhar Kakade

Text Copyright: This Adbhut life!

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16, Ashwina (Adhik)

Krishna Paksha, Pratipada 2077 Pramathi, Vikrama Samvata Singapore, Singapore


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