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Hello dear all, how have you all been?  I have been feeling a little low and down. This whole pandemic situation is getting so tiring, even though things have been “under control” for a significant part of the time in Singapore. Thank God for that!
I was quite okay in the initial months and somehow could pacify myself, saying, “This too shall pass.” Now I am slightly getting impatient… Maybe because we (my little hero and me) have not stepped out of the condo ever since we returned to Singapore on 1st Feb. Not that we used to go out very often but at least the usual weekend outings to the mall, beach, the temple used to keep us going.
Singapore is into Phase 2, that means quite a few things are returning to normal. Except that, large social gatherings are still not happening, and a mask is a must once you step out of your home. The thing that is troubling me the most is, my little hero refuses to keep the mask on. I am desperately hoping that in phase 3, Singapore does away with the masks and springs back to good old days of pre-December 2019. So that at least we could step out a bit.
I didn’t feel like writing something or share something that I have already written… That doesn’t mean I have allowed my neurons to rest…in fact, they have been on an overdrive…Yeah, along with this “must-have mask miseries,” I have been into some “Post-event evaluation mode” for some time…Yup, you heard me right…Lemme explain…
When you host a mega event, let us say, something like a big fat Indian wedding. And after the wedding is done. When all the guests have left, and the decorations have been removed, you sit back with a cup of chai and remember all the highs and lows of the event. So that’s what my brain has been up to in the last month, and I thought of sharing the same with you all. Haha
When I look back and think …I find it strange that I felt like writing about Instagrammers…because I do not log in every day, I don’t have many followers, don’t follow many profiles. And to top it all, my laziness with the camera doesn’t help, a way bit. I hardly take pictures of my food or my home.  Even when we go out for any special occasion, we barely take two pictures without thinking much about the angle, light, background, and all that is needed for a great picture…That makes my Instagram profile whatever it is at present- Kevin Systrom and Michel Krieger’s nightmare. Not that it bothers me. I am pretty comfortable with it. Hence it was even more unexpected of me to go approach someone and seek permission to do a feature on my blog.
I have to confess that it was Hemaji’s Kolams that I wanted to feature. There was this compelling urge in me to write about her. I cannot explain why. It was not a planned effort. It just happened. Instead of writing only about one IG handle, I thought, why not include all the five wonderful ladies I was following at that time. I followed them for some uniqueness of their profile that I identified strongly, which I have stated in my first write up “Inspiring Instagram”. Yes…Yes, I had initially wanted to feature five Instagram profiles.  But you see, I could only do four. I had hit a roadblock when I tried to get the approval for my third feature, a profile from Singapore. Let me not go into any details. That’s why I called it a big fat Indian wedding.
अक्सर भारतीय शादियों में बुआ ताऊ नाराज़ होकर,रूठ कर, बारात  में शामिल नहीं होते ।  लेकिन शादियां थोड़ी रुकती हैं। गौर फ़रमायेगा। बुआ ताऊ का दर्जा दिया हैं । inspite of the refusal and attitude प्यार बरक़रार हैं*
खैर आगे बढ़ते हैं*….So after selecting these five profiles, I approached the ever-gracious Hemaji. To my good fortune, she immediately agreed. After taking Hemaji’s permission, I got so busy with something that I completely forgot about it. Only when I logged in after 15 days, I realized what a dud I have been. So hurriedly wrote it the same evening and sent it to her.  After she approved, I published it on my blog and also shared it on my Facebook page, and Instagram handle, and that’s it. I never informed Hemaji, nor did I tag her, nothing just sat over it… After she came back and said, “You have to share what you have written,” did I realize that I have to tag them…
Hemaji has been so lovingly encouraging. That she not only shared it on her wall but also has come and commented on my FB wall as well. All four of them have been so pleasant and welcoming to me, each in their own way. So happy to have found such amazingly talented ladies who have inspired me to feature them on my blog.  And because of this, I have further found new friends. I had good fun doing all this for the last 2 and a half months. One can only appreciate good generosity after one encounters some adverse attitude.
When I had uploaded the first picture on my IG handle…my thoughts were…” okay, what’s new? We have to upload a picture, aaah? That’s all, aaah?” I think I have come a long way from that “That’s all” thought.  As I see, it takes quite a bit of effort to keep the game on.
Mere posting pictures of delicious dishes you cooked, an excellent painting you just painted, or beautiful embroidery you did on a cushion cover isn’t enough.  Photo styling with the right props, lighting, colours to create a particular tone or mood is essential.
In addition to a great picture, a prerequisite for good engagement, I see one needs to go that extra mile, in terms of consistency, catchy detailed caption, day to day relevance, actively liking, commenting, collaborating, participating in contests, hosting ….last but not the least …hash tagging and so on… Yeah…mostly I have covered everything, or am I missing something here…
It has been a great hands-on learning experience for me.  It has also helped me shed my apprehensions about social media in general and realize its importance and reach. Instagram is a great medium/platform for anyone who is into the creative field as “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  It is much easier to create an audience base on Instagram, and I am amazed by the “power of numbers.”
This truly is the age of “the lens is mightier than the pen.”
Kalyani Sreedhar Kakade
* Indian weddings have the usual squabbling elderly Uncles and Aunts, who refuse to attend the wedding. But the wedding ceremony is done anyways. Please pay attention I have addressed the person with the utmost respect…As love and admiration are still there!
*Nevermind, let’s move on…

Text Copyright: This Adbhut  Life!


13, Shravana

Krishna Paksha, Trayodashi
2077 Pramathi, Vikrama Samvata
Singapore, Singapore


July 2020


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