March Musings!


Hello friends, trust you all are good and coping well with the current Corona Commotion….No, No, I am not starting yet another thread on Corona, as so much is already being said and done by the experts as well as the general public. Everyone seems to have an expert opinion about everything under the sun, ranging from demographics, virology, immunology, epidemiology, pharmacology, political science, economics. We can’t stop ourselves from sharing and forwarding our knowledge on various social media platforms, many a time without thinking once about the legitimacy of the information. We are being bombarded with all kinds of trivia about the pandemic even when it is unsolicited. Especially WA groups are having a “Fastest Finger First Contest” going on all the time. I feel these create more panic than any comfort.

Agreed, one needs to keep abreast of the current affairs of the world, but what good does all this overload of information do? As for myself, I am not a bit ashamed to say that I stopped reading newspapers and watching prime time news way back in 2005. I don’t have any patience and tolerance for all the drama. I follow the news when it is absolutely necessary and that too the government bulletins and advises. Anyways to each his own, it’s a free world!

Also, if we are what our thoughts are and our thoughts have the power to materialize, then better to entertain positive thoughts, under any circumstances. So what good is achieved by circulating the increasing numbers of the infected cases? Are they going to decline by just us announcing in 10 WA groups or are we going to come up with a cure? Governments and experts all over the world are doing all that on a war footing. We need to trust the process of life and firmly believe that this too shall pass…

The need for the hour is Prayer and Precaution at the individual level. Prayer will help us to be peaceful and in turn, make us more focused to take necessary precautions. There is no need to be overly optimistic and hopelessly pessimistic. As we leave behind Vikari Nama samvasatra and step into Sarvari Nama Samvastra ( Hindu new year) which is celebrated as Gudi Padwa, Yugadi, and Chaitra Navratri, I pray to the almighty to give us the strength to tide over these difficult times. I think these verses from Savitri by Aurobindo and by Divine Mother are very apt for the current situation…

Not everything was about Corona, crisis, and commotion…There were some little glimmers of hope. Nirabhaya finally getting justice after 12 long years, as the Indian judiciary convicted the culprits, was one such news. It was also very touching and overwhelming to see the whole of India coming together on March 22 and clapping for 5 mins to appreciate the frontline workers. Singaporeans have seen well thought out, timely measures to fight the pandemic without completely paralysing day to day life.

On the personal front, March 2020 was a month of milestones if not celebrations. You see, I was born in this very month of March 49 years ago and exactly 24 years later, I became Mrs. Kakade. With this Corona threat looming all over the world we had a quiet celebration to mark my 49th year and also our silver jubilee as Mr. and Mrs. Kakade. Kyunki Jaan Hain to jahan hai…(literally translated “If you have Life, you have the world”). We didn’t even go to a temple, like every year.

Also, “This adhbhut life” completed one year on 25th March.
I had shared my first post exactly a year back on Hindu Nav Varsh which was celebrated on 6th April 2019….It was quite impulsive for a person who abhorred social media, to share her thoughts with the world. Yes, yes my FB page was created and maintained by Sreedhar for the first six months, until one day, I suddenly realized the quality of Profile Picture was not up to my liking….haha

However, when I did think of sharing my musings through this blog, I had a self-assessment and analysis session about what I want to write about. Like, is it going to be about the popular “lit” topics of films, fashion, food, fitness, furniture, fine arts or even feminism?  Also, what could a special needs Mom offer to the world in terms of any advice, when such tens of thousands of very accomplished folks are already doing it. Hmmm

All said and done, the success of any blog depends upon the number of followers it garners. After a bit of soul searching, I decided not to struggle to make it too profound and professional and just do what uplifts my spirits; All the while, apprehensive about the reactions of my audience, not knowing if all this will result in applause or brickbats and of course “n” number of judgments. Despite all the doubts, I took a big leap of blind faith to share earnest rumblings of my heart and soul which sprung from this irresistible urge to connect and share…Haha… And thus rolled out my first blog post with some enthusiasm and some anxiety.

With similar feelings, I announced it to my dear friends on various social media platforms and waited for some encouragement from my ever-supportive friends. Like in every life situation, there are blessings and lessons. I chose to count the blessings (read, friends who have whole-heartedly liked, followed my posts and showered me with love, irrespective of the quality of the page) and learn from the lessons. So happy and blessed to have you all my dear friends with me. And I thank you all for being there with me as we complete one year. With your encouragement and blessings, I hope to create more and share more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support.🙏

Kalyani Sreedhar Kakade

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March 2020


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