Yes, I am reading again !

My last post talked about my reading block and how miserable I felt. And just to feel good, I posted some of the covers of the books I have enjoyed reading over the years.

But, is It enough, if one talks about one’s past reading and leave things status quo? Certainly, no! I need to do something before I become stagnate, obsolete, and illiterate. Hahaha.  On a serious note, the very purpose of this post is not to convince me or anyone else the importance of reading. But to resolve to do some reading and also know what others are reading.

I think it is better to start with the least expectations. I would consider it to be  “good progress” if I could read at least a few pages every day. Yes, realistically speaking, I can only do so much… So, my goal is to try and read at least three books in the remaining four months of Twenty Nineteen. Here are the three books which I would like to read.

The first book I want to start with is Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy by Sadhguru. I have heard so much about this book that I would want to restart my reading journey with this one. Only thing is that I will be reading it on Kindle rather than a proper book.

It is intriguing to learn about one Shri  Lakshaman Rao Chaiwale. Yes…Yes… This truly seems to be an age of Chaiwalas…they rock big time. So, Lakshman Rao is this 67-year-old tea seller, who sets his roadside tea stall in ITO area of New Delhi. Now, what sets him apart from other tea sellers is that he is an author. He has written and published several novels, short stories, drama, Political essays, and research books in Hindi. His books are available on Amazon Kindle and Flipkart. He is invited by various literary organizations as an inspirational speaker. Ironically, Shri Lakshman Rao’s life has not changed drastically and he continues to make a living by selling tea. Anyways, I would certainly like to read at least one of his books this year. Mainly, because I don’t want to restrict myself only to well known, celebrated, award-winning authors. In any case, they will be read.

I’m embarrassed that I hardly know anything about my present Karmabhumi.  Despite calling Singapore “My home” for more than 8 years, I haven’t done anything specific to know more about its history, culture and so on… Not that I’m completely unaware of it. One tends to absorb a lot of information subconsciously just being in a place.  Singapore has such world-class public libraries in 26 districts. So, the first thing I plan to do is run to the nearest library and get hold of some popular covers by Singaporean authors. Maybe, something like “Singapore: A Biography” by Frost and Yu-Mei Balasingamchow as it has appeared in many search results.

Because I truly believe “Padhoge toh Badhoge” (Hindi) or “Vachal tar Vachal” (Marathi). Simply translated as “If you read you will progress”.

Kalyani Sreedhar Kakade

Copyrights : This Adbhut Life!

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